Texian Army Public Statement regarding 08/25/19 away game

Texian Army
Samuel Purcell, President


Regarding the events that transpired at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas on August 25, 2019 that resulted in Houston Dynamo Supporters being removed from the stadium at the 70th minute of the Houston Dynamo vs FC Dallas MLS League Match by security and police officers:

We, Texian Army leadership, were caught off-guard by the sudden enforcement of an emergency evacuation plan for visiting supporters as were all visiting supporters. On the security call conducted by FC Dallas Security which included leadership of Dynamo Supporters Groups to discuss plans for action
and contingencies in the event they became necessary, at no time was an emergency evacuation plan for visiting supporters shared with the Dynamo Supporters Groups leadership, verbally or otherwise.

According to the rules submitted as part of the FC Dallas Security Visiting Supporters Group Policies, we believe as a group we were compliant with all rules. At this time, Texian Army leadership is awaiting the scheduled release of the FC Dallas Security Report, and also from further information to be provided by the Houston Dynamo.

Texian Army leadership requests that all parties withhold from speculation until all information has been released and made public.

We believe in upholding our Texian Army members to the standards set forth by the Major League Soccer Fan Code of Conduct, and respect those standards as the expectation for all fans and supporters of Major League Soccer.