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Texian Army PRESS RELEASE: Supporters Groups From Across North America Hold 7th Annual Independent Supporters Conference - Texian Army


PRESS RELEASE: Supporters Groups From Across North America Hold 7th Annual Independent Supporters Conference

DENVER, CO (13 February, 2015) – The Independent Supporters Council of North America continued the tradition of setting aside rivalries for the weekend to confer in Denver, Colorado for the annual Independent Supporters Conference. The Independent Supporters Council promotes soccer fan culture in North America, and actively works to defend the rights of the sport’s supporters. Leadership from supporters groups representing 15 of the 20 Major League Soccer teams met to discuss issues such as ticket pricing, away game travel, and greater transparency from the league regarding fan rules and regulation.

Highlights of the weekend include:

  • Streamlined process of on-boarding new ISC members
  • Sharing of best practices in response to new and amended 2015 MLS supporters policies
  • Creation of three annual awards: Tifo of the Year, Community Engagement Supporters Group of the Year, and Front Office of the Year
  • Amended the ISC Supporters Bill of Rights to prioritize supporter safety
  • Elected 2015 ISC officers

One of the weekend’s biggest achievements was the formal creation of officer positions, with terms of one year. The ISC elected Jeremy Wright (Portland) as President, Joel Piktel (Chicago) as Travel Lead, Fran Harrington (New England)as Internal Communications Lead and Garrett Dittfurth (Portland) as External Communications Lead.

“Five years into the creation of this organization, it became clear to everyone that the ISC would be best served with elected officers in order to more effectively function as the voice for supporters across North America,” said Wright. “All four of us are honored to help lead the ISC in 2015.”

Groups in attendance:

  • Centennial 38 (Denver)
  • Midnight Riders (New England)
  • Section 8 (Chicago)
  • Faultline (San Jose)
  • Gorilla FC (Seattle)
  • Southsiders (Vancouver)
  • Timbers Army (Portland)
  • Angel City Brigade (Los Angeles)
  • Rogue Cavaliers Brigade (Salt Lake)
  • Texian Army (Houston)
  • Inferno (Dallas)
  • Empire Supporters Club (New York Red Bulls)
  • Cauldron (Kansas City)
  • Screaming Eagles (DC)
  • Sons of Ben (Philadelphia)


ISC – The Independent Supporters Council was founded in 2009 to advocate for the fair treatment of home and away supporters, promote supporter culture, and oppose racism and bias in the stadium. http://independentsupporterscouncil.com/