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Texian Army Newbie Guide - Texian Army

Newbie Guide

Texian Army Newbie Guide to Supporting the Houston Dynamo

So you want to support the Dynamo? Prepare to embark on a completely new, unique, and rewarding experience.

Have fun with the process, keep an open mind, and read every word of this page.


If we could teach one single trait of our best members to you, it’s this: Believe. Believe that support makes a difference. Take ownership in the personal responsibility to make each and every player and coach feel loved for every minute of every game. If you can internalize our Belief, everything else falls into place. You’ll rock at games, you’ll want to invest time into our efforts, you’ll earn massive respect from our members, you’ll make a ton of friends, and you’ll want to bring your friends out to experience Dynamo support.

Support is not simply something you do. It needs to become part of your identity, your cause, your own personal Belief.

You are a supporter. Believe.

What to do in the Supporters Section


Stand every minute of every game. We do not sit in the supporters section during the game. Be prepared to jump along to the peaks in some of the songs.


Texian Army strives to make its voice heard for every minute of every match the Dynamo play. We’ve asked many former and current Dynamo players and have confirmed: they hear us and it makes a difference. When they hear the passion of our voices they are reminded that they have a responsibility to deliver their best.

Some of the songs are very simple and catchy like “Forza Houston“, “Dale Dale Dale Dynamo” (dah-lay) and “We Are Orange“. You can pick those up immediately. Others will take some time to learn especially if you don’t speak Spanish. Spend time on our Learn the Songs page and invest time into learning every song.

Wave Flags

Texian Army supplies and distributes flags every game. We want them waving at all times. If you see a flag lying on the stands, pick it up and wave it! When you get tired, don’t put it down. Pass it to someone and ask them to wave it for a bit. A sea of waving flags in a section is a beautiful thing. Do your part to keep the flags nearest you up and moving.

That said, expect for your view to be partially obstructed by flags and banners from time-to-time. If it happens, try to move a little or reposition yourself. Telling people to stop waving a flag because you can’t see the game is a big no-no. If you must see every second of every game, the supporters section may not be the best place for you. And that’s ok! Texian Army has members with seats all over BBVA Compass Stadium.

You are welcome to construct, design, and bring your own flag. Just make sure it gets to the tailgate 3 hours before game time so we can get it into the stadium with the rest of our tifo. Stadium security will not allow you to bring a flag in through the gates.

Do not bang the ends of the flag poles on the bleachers to the beat of the drums. This breaks the PVC flag poles and creates sharp edges on them. We once had a member get seriously injured because someone stabbed her in the foot with a damaged flag pole. Also, the banging of flag poles on bleachers is actually louder than the drums so it throws the whole section off beat. Please respect our flags and leave the percussion to the drummers.

The 1-2 Punch

Singing loudly continuously for 45 minutes at a time is exhausting and for most not physically possible. Same problem with waving a flag — eventually your arm is going to get tired. So attack with a 1-2 punch: sing for as long as you can, then take a breather from singing and start waving a flag for as long as you can. Keep cycling. It’s tiring, but it’s easier than trying to just sing or just wave a flag for 45 minutes.

A Few Don’ts

Don’t be a jerk. There’s a line between talking some trash to the other team and yelling homophobic/racist/obscene garbage. Supporting our team is always more important than trying to knock the other guys down.

No violence. This isn’t Green Street Hooligans. Picking fights with people at games has nothing to do with supporting the Dynamo. We reserve the right to cancel memberships / have security remove you if you can’t be civilized.

Don’t throw crap on to the field. This is a stadium rule and if it’s broken our whole group can be punished. Trust us.  It has happened before.  Don’t throw bottles, food, liquids, flags, or other objects. The one exception is streamers which can be thrown onto the field immediately after goals. Streamers are not allowed to be thrown during regular gameplay.

Don’t be dead weight. If you want to be a spectator, the supporters section isn’t for you. We are a proactive force of supporting the Dynamo. If you are a Texian Army member standing around watching the game and not contributing, expect to feel some pressure from our members.


Have fun. Love the Dynamo. Represent Texian Army!

What To Do Outside the Supporters Section

We want to spread the Texian Army brand around the stadium. Be the supporter who adds value to your section! Take a leadership role in your section and encourage people around you to join in on singing the songs. You can bring and hang tifo in your section provided you don’t cover any sponsor signage. Invite people in your section to our next tailgate. Most people are surprised to learn that our tailgate isn’t for members-only!  So getting an invitation to come hang out at our tailgate is a huge offering for them to receive.  Remind them that it’s family-friendly, all-you-can-eat, there are soft drinks for non-drinkers, and there’s plenty of beer for those who’d like to imbibe.

How to Make Connections

There are a ton of awesome people you can befriend in Texian Army. And you already have something huge in common: your love for the Houston Dynamo. Here are some tips for making social connections.

Help Set-up & Break Down the Tailgate and Section

Texian Army members respect new people who contribute value immediately.  Here are some areas where we need help every game:

  • Arrive to the tailgate an hour before the official start time to help set up
  • Get to the section 30 minutes before kickoff to help set up tifo and distribute flags
  • Stick around after final whistle to help pack up the section
  • Come back to the tailgate spot after the game and help us break down the tents and pack up the truck

Get Involved with a Committee

We are always looking for help in the game day operations / tifo, content / communications, the tailgate, travel, merchandise and charity committees. If you want to help out, please contact us.

Participate in the Discussion on our Members-only Facebook Group

The private members Facebook group is where 90% of our communication takes place. After joining Texian Army, please request access to the group and get involved in discussions.


There are few supporter experiences more rewarding than walking into a hostile environment, singing your heart out for 90 minutes and attracting the ire of our rivals’ fans. The experiences of traveling with our boys into battle on foreign lands are stripes every Texian Army member should earn.

By organizing and coordinating travel to away Dynamo matches, Texian Army provides a beacon of support in an otherwise hostile environment; and the players and coaches notice. When asked if it makes a difference, Dynamo legend Brian Ching remarked, “it absolutely makes a difference on the road to look up into the stands and see a section of orange. You can’t escape knowing all they invested to be there to support you. It motivates you. You don’t want to let those supporters down.”

The trips are also a hell of a lot of fun!  We have regular travel packages with buses to Dallas matches which are always a 4-hour fun-filled tailgates on wheels. We’ve ventured as far as Kansas City by bus and also coordinate meet ups for traveling fans who fly to some of the farther matches. Every MLS city you travel to has something unique and special to offer — except for Frisco.

Be an Ambassador of the Dynamo and Texian Army

Here are some ways you can help us build our community:

Like, Share, and Retweet our Content

The easiest way to help grow Texian Army is to simply Like, Share, and Retweet our content on your social media. Viral content is incredibly powerful. Please help us spread the word online.

Bring a Friend

Bring some friends, family, or co-workers out to a tailgate and game. Let us know they’re coming and we’ll help with getting tickets if they want to experience the supporters section. Get them hooked after one game and then ask them to join Texian Army!


As a supporter, remember that you are representing Houston, the Dynamo, and Texian Army.

Around Houston, talk up the Dynamo and Texian Army experiences to the uninitiated. There is so much untapped growth potential to Dynamo support and it starts with you at the grassroots. Be relentless about spreading the word of how much fun Dynamo matches are, our tailgate, our culture, our organization, and what We Believe.

When traveling, carry yourself with class. Be respectful of our hosts and they will almost always welcome you with open arms. Ask them about their city, their team, and their history. People love to be good hosts and welcome guests. During the game, give ’em hell. But pre-game and post-game, be cool, be gracious, and practice the Golden Rule regardless of the outcome.

Likewise, when we’re hosting visiting supporters, remember how you’d like to be treated when you travel. Recommend some of your favorite local spots they should check out while visiting. Offer them a beer. Thank them for traveling to Houston. Wish them bad luck during the game.  And then buy them a beer afterwards.

Remember that a rising tide lifts all boats. Building goodwill amongst our hosts and guests is a net positive for the entire soccer supporters scene in the United States & Canada.