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Texian Army Leadership - Texian Army


2019 Board of Directors

Sam Purcell
Board Member, President

As President and Director of Membership, Merchandise and Watch Parties, Samuel oversees the Texian Army recruitment process, merchandise inventory and watch parties logistics. For over 5 years Samuel volunteered on the side lines by helping setup and tear down tailgates, brought countless new faces to tailgates and events, served food and beer to attendees and traveled to away matches in Dallas and Atlanta.

His new role as President is to accomplish the following goals; grow and sustain membership, revise outreach strategies with current and prospective members and reinvigorate all members to ensure the Dynamo know we are there to support them through the ups and downs.

Samuel was born and raised in Peru, attended university in Kentucky for five years and has lived in Houston for the last nine years working in the banking and finance industry.

James Hromadka
Board Member, Grillmaster, Treasurer, Travel Director, Vice President

James Hromadka has been with Texian Army since before it had a name. He was one of the initial members in 2006, and is the longest-tenured board member of the supporters group. James is passionate about sports and the outdoors, about cooking at the TAilgates, and about his wife Melissa, who he met through Texian Army. When not cooking for 60-100 people before games, James works as a Financial Advisor and accountant. James will also over travel for Texian Army in 2015 and serve as Vice President and Treasurer of the 501(c)(7).

Darbi Lockridge
Board Member, Little bit of everything

Darbi Lockridge loves soccer, organizing, and having something to do. This makes her ideally suited to her space on the Texian Army board. She says, “I am deeply driven to serve communities and causes that I am passionate about. As a Texian Army member, I am driven to put effort toward the success and growth of the organization.” She comes with lots of experience in leadership positions in civic, non-profit, and community organizations and likes to focus on administrative organization, volunteer management, and communications. Professionally, her background has been in human resource management, office management, and non-profit organizations. Her number one goal for 2019 is to organize the TA system to make it easier for future volunteers to do more, better work on behalf of TA and believes that well-functioning processes and procedures will allow the back-end of the business to get out of the way of the true purpose of the organization – supporting the Houston Dynamo.

Brian Lockridge
Board Member,

Brian has been a member of Texian Army since 2016. Brian became a soccer fan a little late in life. He married his wife Darbi with the understanding that every 4 years she would be devoted to soccer for the World Cup. After the 2014 World Cup Brian became passionate about soccer as well and along with his son, Baron the family started attending a few Dynamo and Dash games. Passions escalated quickly to becoming members of Texian Army and Supporters Section Season Ticket Holders. “The most important thing to me on game day is supporting our team,”says Brian. ” “Before the gates open you can probably find me at the TAilgate, but once the gates are open I’ll be inside getting ready for the game.”

Melissa Hromadka
Board of Director

Melissa has been a passionate fan of the Dynamo since the beginning. It’s where she found true love with James. Awwwwwwwwwwwww. Also probably the best dancer Texian Army has. We have no rhythm except for her.

Sean Ringrose
Board of Director

Sean is a passionate fan of the Dynamo and Houston Sports. He is co-host of the Dynamo podcast, Generation Orange, and a known vocal leaker of information on the discord. We love him.

Pat Walls
Board Member, Communications

Pat is your resident IT guy who likes soccer so much he wears a cape to the games. Seems accurate!

Past Directors

  • Michael Porter – 2013*, 2014
  • Dave Goozey – 2014
  • Wilson Calvert – 2014
  • Cory Gonzales – 2013
  • Teddy Bucher – 2013
  • Megan Flora – 2013*
  • Andrew Jackson – 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012
  • Erin Dutka – 2011, 2012
  • Sam Cook – 2010
  • Brandon Yannerella – 2010*
  • Sam Hardeman – 2009, 2010*
  • Anderson Brandao – 2009
  • Rey Gallegos – 2007, 2008*, 2009
  • Joseph Ashmore – 2008*
  • Katy Umaña – 2008*
  • Kevin Musgrave – 2007, 2008
  • Jason Day – 2007, 2008*
  • Stephen Edmundson – 2007

 * Partial Year