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Texian Army Texian Army's Response to Sanctions by FC Dallas - Texian Army


Texian Army’s Response to Sanctions by FC Dallas

The Texian Army is just as surprised as everyone else about these sanctions by MLS and the FC Dallas (hereafter FCD) front office.

The only issues that we know about from inside Toyota Stadium were caused by FCD’s own fans. These fans were inexplicably seated below the Texian Army and other Houston Dynamo supporters and fans. Had FCD provided the 350+ Houston Dynamo fans with their own section, this would not have been a problem. FCD security removed the troublemakers and even thanked us for not responding to their attempts to antagonize the Texian Army.

As the Texian Army and other Houston Dynamo supporters left the stadium, FCD security thanked us for coming. There was no indication of any issue. No communication was made from FCD to our organization until this letter was sent out. And no exact cause was established either.

A Houston Chronicle story has said that the cause was smoke bombs. No smoke bombs were set off inside the stadium. There were some set off outside the stadium at the designated Houston Dynamo supporters tailgate before and after the game. While Texian Army did not set off any smoke bombs, we will point out that the FCD Visiting Supporter[s] Group Plan only outlines prohibited items for inside Toyota Stadium. Smoke bombs are on the *same list* as coolers, frisbees, and umbrellas. Those other items are sure to be found in the parking lots outside at any FCD game.

Furthermore, FC Dallas has already stipulated that its own supporters groups can use smoke bombs outside the stadium. See https://www.fcdallas.com/post/2017/04/05/april-supporters-forum-recapbetween-fc-dallas-front-office-supporters-groups

As established by FCD’s own Visiting Supporter[s] Group Plan, Houston Dynamo supporters worked within the rules laid out by that document. Texian Army will be posting that document online for all to see.

This punishment is beyond the pale. A four-game suspension of flags, banners, and drums and reduced tickets available for purchase is essentially a three-year ban on those items. No arrests were made. The rules we received only ban smoke bombs inside the stadium.

The Texian Army asks for the following:
• MLS and FC Dallas reconsiders the sanctions it has made against our organization and other Houston Dynamo supporters groups • The Visiting Supporter[s] Group Plan document is updated as needed so there are no more future misunderstandings. • A new “post-game teleconference” not more than two business days after each Houston Dynamo game in Frisco is held so that any issues from the game can be openly discussed and hopefully resolved without needing measures like these.