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Texian Army Texian Army Raises $2,315 for Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Relief - Texian Army


Texian Army Raises $2,315 for Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Relief

Texian Army Nepal Earthquake Donation DriveOn Friday May 1, 2015, Texian Army held a cash donation drive to raise funds for the Red Cross Nepal Earthquake response. Members made online donations and shared their donation receipts with us and made cash donations at our tailgate.  With a strong show of support, we are proud to announce that Texian Army members and friends contributed $2,120 $2,315.

We are very grateful for the generosity of:

Amanda Redmon
Chris Smink
Amy Quinn
Dianne Gyomlai
Nancy Shaddock
Teddy Bucher
Leslie Mott
Dave & Kay Nesbitt
Andrew Mitcham
Candace Zetter
Mike Porter
Jessica and Matt Morgan
Bryan LeBlanc
Cynthia Rosenbaum
Jessica Torres
Brandon Sweet
Kelly Rector
Jeremy L Jordan
Kenneth Kapner
Christopher Keeble
Mike Y’Barbo
David Goozey
Patrick Walls
Stewart Dallas
Austin Lewis
Jeff Bernadine-Wood
Mark Roche
John P. McMahon
Hewlett-Packard Company
Jeff Moreno
Christopher Keeble​
Crazy Shorts
Justin Villarreal
The Stover Family
Wally Elarusi
Ricardo Moreno
Arnoldo Moreno
Cansez & Buzzkill
Brandon Walker
Mark Stapleton
Ellen Rogers
Wilson Calvert
Amanda Flores
Josh Banerjee
Gerardo Peruchini
Duncan McAlynn
Kenneth Kapner

If we somehow missed accounting for you and your name should appear on this list, please email us at contactus@texianarmy.com and we’ll update the total and add your name.

Thank you Texian Army & Friends!

5/4/15, 10:23AM — late donations trickling in!  We’re now at $2,140!
5/4/15, 3:11PM — And another one!  We’re now at $2,160!
5/5/15, 9:33AM — And another one!  We’re now at $2,180!

5/5/15, 11:07AM — 3 more.  $2,275!
5/6/15, 8:58AM — Ding!  $2,315