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Texian Army Texian Army Members Gather for 2015 Annual General Meeting - Texian Army


Texian Army Members Gather for 2015 Annual General Meeting

On Saturday January 17, Texian Army gathered for its Annual General Meeting at The Stag’s Head Pub.

In the State of Texian Army section, we reviewed membership numbers, finances, some big wins from 2014, and our major offseason projects.  Discussion of big wins included the Texian Army cooking team, obtaining a box truck for our storage needs, raising sponsorship and member donation funds to wrap the truck, and bringing on Saint Arnold Brewing Company as an official sponsor.  This offseason, Texian Army will invest resources in two major projects: forming a legal entity and building a brand new website.

Following the State of Texian Army Section, we moved on to the Feedback & Brainstorm section where we discussed ways we can improve Texian Army. Topics included game day support, membership & recruiting, questions to ask at the Independent Supporters Council Conference, merchandise, tailgates, and viewing parties.

Finally, we held 2015 Board of Directors nominations and reviewed protocol for elections. The following Texian Army members were nominated for the Board: Seth Barker, Jenni Wailes, Michael Porter, David Nesbitt, Wilson Calvert, James Hromadka, Chris Smink, Leslie Mott, and Andrew Schueneman.

Thanks to everybody who attended the 2015 Annual General Meeting!