Surpassing Expectations

Before last weekend, my favorite sound in soccer was the ball spinning against the net.  The rare swish of the polyurethane coating swirling around the tightly braided net has excited my sense of hearing as long as I have been a fan of the game.

However, Friday night I did not hear this beloved sound.  I did not miss the sound because I was absent for the goal.  In fact, the goal was scored about thirty feet in front of me.  I missed the sound because the supporters section where I was standing somehow erupted in cheers in the milliseconds between the time the ball cleared the goal line and hit the back of the net.  What was maybe even more amazing was the response of the seasoned Texian Army supporters unrolling the large black, orange, and white Texas flag over our heads as we celebrated.  While I bounced the flag into the air with my hands cheering six rows deep in the group, my friend and I were bear hugged by the supporter directly behind us.  While I regained my balance and continued cheering, my arrival to the supporter group seemed to be complete or at the least hitting an initiation state.  We all exchanged high fives and fell back into the chorus of songs that shuffled throughout the supporters section.  I still love the sound of the ball spinning against the net, but I would gladly miss it every game for the celebration with the rest of the supporters section.

This all occurred during my first Dynamo game since 2009 and my first in the supporters section.  I moved to back to Houston in January, and I am excited to spend the season with my new friends in the Texian Army.  In an effort to get to know more members, I volunteered to write a periodic column highlighting members throughout the group.  I was not sure what to expect when attending my first Texian Army tailgate, my first game inside BBVA Compass Stadium, or my first tifo session the week before, but last Friday excited me to write this column throughout the season as I get to know various members throughout the group.  I’ll see you all Friday!  #TexianArmy