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Texian Army Partners/Sponsors - Texian Army


Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Texian Army tailgates would not be possible without the support of our official tailgate sponsor Saint Arnold Brewing Company. Since 2014, Saint Arnold Brewing Company has graciously supported our tailgate with their fine Houston-brewed beers. Check out one of their tours Monday-Friday 2:00 – 4:15 PM or Saturday 11 AM – 2:00 PM!


Hilton Furniture & Mattress

When Texian Army approached Hilton Koch of Hilton Furniture & Mattress in March of 2014 with a proposal to wrap our truck, Hilton’s response was to the point: “I want to help,” he said. Through Hilton’s generous contribution to the project, we were able to design and produce a tailgate branding tool unlike any other supporters group in MLS. Please say thanks to and support Hilton Furniture & Mattress.


Truck Wrap Donors

The Texian Army truck wrap was also made possible by support from our members.  For their generous donations, Texian Army would like to thank:

  • Rusty Rex
  • Kyle Nowotny
  • Albert Navia
  • John Jacob
  • Melissa Ramirez Phillips
  • Nancy Shaddock
  • David Goozey
  • Chris Smink
  • Leslie Mott
  • Dave Nesbitt
  • Dianne Gyomlai
  • Morris Fuentes
  • Max Croes & Sam Cook
  • Erin Dallas
  • Patrick LeMare

Want to Partner with Texian Army?

We are always open to considering strategic partnerships. Please visit our contact page and reach out to us!