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Texian Army Nepal Earthquake Benefit Drive - Texian Army


Nepal Earthquake Benefit Drive

Texian Army NepalWe Believe in helping those in need

On Saturday April 25 in Nepal, a horrific 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck causing devastation, thousands of injuries, and thousands of lost lives. This Friday, Texian Army is calling on all of our members and our friends in the Dynamo community to support the aid effort in Nepal by making a cash donation to the Red Cross.

Make a donation in-person at Friday’s tailgate for the FC Dallas match from your mobile device and show the receipt page to the membership table or email your donation receipt to charity@texianarmy.com and we’ll add your name to the list of donors we publicize after this weekend. $10 is the minimum online donation. All donations are tax deductible.

To make your donation, please visit: http://texianarmy.com/nepal
(redirects to Nepal donation page on redcross.org)