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Texian Army About - Texian Army


About Texian Army

Texian Army is the oldest and largest independent supporters group of the Houston Dynamo. 

We are a registered 501c7 non-profit corporation in the State of Texas.


We Believe

We love our city, we love our community, and we love our Houston Dynamo.

In Texian Army, our love of our city, community, and club fuels an unwavering belief that our support makes a difference.

Our support is passionate, loud, and relentless.

We Believe that our purpose is to always show the Dynamo that they are loved.


Our Community

Texian Army is comprised of a diverse group of members. Much like the synthesis of different influences seen in American soccer itself, we represent an evolving effort to combine our own original spirit with styles from all over Europe and Latin America. Our group reflects the variety of backgrounds found in a community as vibrant and international as Houston. We have always taken great pride in our diversity and welcome new members of all backgrounds.

Most of us are scattered around the Greater Houston area. We also have many out of state members who make trips to Houston to join us to support the team and meet up with us at road games. A few of our people reside outside the US as well.

3-hours prior to home games, we host the premier Dynamo tailgate where our members and guests celebrate our love for the beautiful game. Its a place many new friendships are forged. And sometimes relations even more significant than that — in 2012 we saw our first members who met through Texian Army get married.

Texian Army members stay in regular communication and engage in discussions on a private Facebook group.

At BBVA Compass Stadium, we are most visible in Section 134 and 135 in the designated supporters sections. However, our membership is not confined to Section 134 and 135 and we are proud to have members representing Texian Army all over the stadium.


What We Do

Texian Army is a supporters group. To many who are uninitiated to soccer culture, the concept of a supporter is new. “Supporter” does not have the same meaning as “fan.” In American sports culture, a fan can be anybody who simply likes a team. A fan can sit quietly, watch at a home game, and cheer when the team makes a big play. The fan feeds off of the team’s performance. If the fan’s team is losing, they sit through the remainder of the competition sad/depressed/angry/detached. The fan experience is disconnected and reactive. Conversely, supporters have a deep passion and belief in a purpose to support their team as they walk out onto the field, during the entirety of the game, and until the last player walks off the field. A supporter supports regardless of the score or outcome. Through song, percussion, visual displays, traveling to away games, or adding value to those efforts, a supporter takes on the responsibility of inspiring their team. The supporter believes the team can feed off of support. If the supporter’s team is losing, the supporter sings louder. The supporter experience is very personal and proactive.

As a supporters group, Texian Army coordinates support.

Singing and Drumming

Perhaps the most important way we support is by singing! Texian Army strives to make its voice heard for every minute of every match the Dynamo play. We’ve asked many former and current players and have confirmed: they hear us and it makes a difference. When they hear the passion of our voices they are reminded that they have a responsibility to deliver their best.

Texian Army drummers tirelessly produce the audible heart beat of the supporters section; their sound moves us and the players while keeping our songs on tempo.

To learn how you can contribute to singing, visit our Houston Dynamo Chants page.

Waving Flags

Throughout the Texian Army supporters section, you will see flags waving during games. Flag waving is a type of visual display unique to soccer supporter culture. MLS is one of the few remaining professional leagues in the world that still allow it.

Texian Army waves flags because it contributes a persistant animated visual element to our support.


Tifo, which comes from the Italian word tifosi for the phenomenon of supporting a sport team, are choreographed visual displays. Through tifo displays, Texian Army visually expresses our collective passion and love for the Dynamo.

Our tifos are 100% independently designed, engineered, funded and produced by Texian Army members.

To learn more about Texian Army tifo, visit our Houston Dynamo Tifo page.

Away Match Travel

Any professional player will tell you: earning points on the road is hard. By organizing and coordinating travel to away Dynamo matches, Texian Army provides a beacon of support in an otherwise hostile environment; and the players and coaches notice. When asked if it makes a difference, Dynamo legend Brian Ching remarks, “it absolutely makes a difference on the road to look up into the stands and see a section of orange. You can’t escape knowing all they invested to be there to support you. It motivates you. You don’t want to let those supporters down.”

Texian Army organizes several trips for members and independent supporters every season. We regularly coordinate bus trips to FC Dallas matches and have even ventured out via bus as far as Kansas City. Texian Army also organizes and sells tickets for designated visiting Dynamo supporters sections during select away matches.



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