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Texian Army 2015 Tifo Prep Day - Texian Army


2015 Tifo Prep Day

This Saturday, twelve Texian Army members gathered to work on tifo in preparation of the home opener next weekend. Members traced and painted player banners, installed grommets, and worked on a multi-flag project. Special thanks to Andrew Jackson for shopping for supplies and letting us use his for production.

Thanks go out to the TA members who participated:

  • Seth Barker, Director of Game Day Operations and organizer for the event
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Cynthia Rosenbaum
  • Ken Laurora
  • Mark Brashear
  • Kay Nesbitt
  • Melissa Hromadka
  • Erin Dallas
  • Andrew Mitcham
  • Crystal Titsworth
  • Chris Smink
  • Leslie Mott

New member Mark Brashear made his first appearance at a Texian Army event.  We asked Mark about how he decided to spend his Saturday afternoon working on tifo.  “I figured I’d come and meet some people. I’ve never been to a Texian Army event so its great to meet everybody that’s involved.” he said.

When asked what he thinks it means to the players to walk out of the tunnel and see their names and faces on the player banners Texian Army member Andrew Mitcham said, “I think it probably means a lot to them — especially the young guys walking out, just drafted out of college.  All of a sudden they have people holding something up that they made by hand and its their name and face.  Right now they’re out there somewhere in Houston and they have no idea that there are people who know their name and are painting their face on a piece of cloth.  If it were me and I worked my entire life to get to this stage, I’d be freaking out.”

After finishing up with tifo, we had time to catch the second half of 3-nil Dynamo thrashing of Orlando City FC. Later that day New York City FC defeated the Charleston Battery 3-0 making the Houston Dynamo the 2015 winner of the Carolina Challenge Cup.